Positive Media

Standing Up for Sharks


One of the biggest issues facing sharks is the mis-perception they are monsters of the deep not worthy of our attention. After all, who wants to save a creature that is despised? In fact, much of what Shark Angels does is serve as a voice for an animal that desperately needs one. We are positive publicists for sharks – and take that job very seriously. Our special team of angels is hard at work - inspiring others and taking a stand.


Angels around the world are working together to bring the issues facing sharks into the mainstream – through media, art and also pop culture.  Our positive PR campaign for sharks is gaining steam – we’ve stood up for sharks on the Today ShowABC News, Discovery Channel and National Geographic, not to mention dozens of newspapers, magazines and productions – we have even taken part in several movies and video games. Millions have watched, played and read, becoming inspired by seeing sharks in a whole new light. And we hope to continue that through innovative ideas to reach the mainstream like media, art, cartoons, comics, books, apps and games.


We are also creating new innovative revenue streams while spreading awareness, self-funding our important efforts while doing good for sharks. For instance, in 2012, we sought to reach new audiences and to celebrate the people and organizations who have played a role in protecting marine life and launched a fundraiser that highlighted the work of amateur photographers while providing interesting and engaging information about sharks with our calendar fundraiser. And our store expanded as well, to include cool, contagious gear.


We also believe in collaboration and working together – without duplicating monies and support allocated to the sharks and our oceans. We aim to spread our collective reach and ability to address the issues facing our oceans collaboratively, developing partnerships with several organizations including the Waterman Project, the Wyland Foundation, Pangea Seed, AIDA, and United Conservationists. Together, we can pool our precious resources and make an even larger impact.


2013 will see us continue our innovative marketing, events, expeditions, and media campaigns, celebrating sharks and infecting everyone we can with our contagious, and increasingly mainstream, passion.

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