Evolved to Perfection

  • Sharks' life history makes them vulnerable to exploitation – for example, Basking Sharks take 15-20 years to mature, have a 2-3 year gestation period and produce only 4–6 pups.
  • Credible shark research is significantly underfunded, though it could unlock the keys to many of life’s challenges. We are learning new things about sharks on a daily basis.
  • Sharks have been honed to perfection, having existed on this planet for over 400 million years - and surviving 5 major extinctions. They have existed 100 times longer than man.
  • Sharks are worth far more alive than dead. Studies have proven a single Ragged Tooth shark can earn tens of thousands in tourism dollars over its lifetime – versus the approximate $90 USD a fisherman is paid for a dead shark.
  • Sharks are increasingly important to eco-tourism and can bring in millions of dollars over their lifetime in diving tourism. In fact, the cage diving industry in South Africa alone earns over $500,000 USD per year in revenue.

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