The Team

Angels around the world are working together to bring about change. A non-profit in the US, the following individuals help to run the organization.

Jamie Pollack
Executive Director

Jamie oversees and manages all administration, financial and day-to-day activities of the organization.  She supervises campaigns and manages staff providing direction, strategic oversight and guidance. She oversees the website, e-commerce store, donor relationships and social media channels. She has empowered children worldwide (Russia, US, Canada, UK, Australia) using sharks as a dialogue to find their voice and passion by creating educational activities and delivering presentations in person and via Skype in the Classroom. Her background is in advertising, client management and graphic design. For the last 8 years she has also worked campaigning and lobbying for sustainability in US fisheries. She has partnered with and influenced business and government leaders to create positive social change. She has created support and awareness of fishery and ocean policy initiatives by building strategic relationships with key stakeholders, grasstops and local grassroots community groups, NGO's and business leaders to help end overfishing in the MId-Atlantic. Before that, she was a creative director for NYC based ad agencies, gaining valuable experience building brands and creating marketing strategies designing and developing  websites, online media, print and marketing collateral materials, direct mail, corporate identity and advertising materials. Presently she is a marketing manager for a global scuba diving manufacturer. Jamie loves to travel so she can go scuba diving and take underwater photos. She was featured on "Shark Junkies" as a shark expert on ABC News Nightline, which aired on January 18, 2014.


Apryl DeLancey
Marine Shark Scientist

Los Angeles native Apryl’s undergraduate degree is a double major: chemistry and marine science. She received her degree with honors from the University of Tampa and worked with Clearwater Marine Aquarium during her entire undergraduate years. She was an Honors Research Fellow and presented her work to the American Chemical Society. The research in isomer reactions also resulted in a scientific publication. After completing summer research in marine chemistry with NOAA when graduating, she went on to the Medical University of South Carolina and received her MS in Biomedical Science. Apryl did her thesis in the Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Epidemiology and volunteered at the South Carolina Aquarium. Her research in the affects of trichloroethylene on metabolism also resulted in a scientific publication. Upon graduation she came back home to L.A. and worked as a statistician for a political research firm.  After her stint away from the water she returned to marine research and has done projects and volunteer work with Heal the Bay’s Pier Aquarium, Surfrider Foundation, California Science Center, and Los Angeles Maritime Institute.  Apryl is committed to empowering citizen scientists and the next generation and works with Waterfront Education in Redondo Beach and volunteers at the Roundhouse Aquarium in Manhattan Beach.  Her current research is focused on forecasting global shark populations.  She’s been featured in Discovery’s Shark Week companion magazine and as a regular shark expert for many news outlets.



Cheryl McCarron
Campaigns and Outreach Director

In 1997 in the frigid waters off the Massachusetts coast Cheryl McCarron became a certified scuba diver.  As a professional costume designer in New York city, she has designed costumes for over 100 theatre, dance and film productions. She has used her unique skills to promote Shark Angels’ message by creating items such as shark costumes for videos and promotions and wings for underwater photo shoots.  You can see her shark costumes in the two videos on the Shark Angels website. Shark Sneak attack and a new one which will be premiering during Shark Week 2015. Her love of diving and sharks brought her to Shark Angels. She assists Shark Angels with campaigns, outreach and fundraising.

Jodi Leafer

Jodi Leafer
Fundraising and Events

Jodi is a professional in the Global Logistics, Trade Compliance Industry.  For over 25 years she has implemented and initiated Global Trade Programs for the Healthcare, Footwear, Apparel and Laser industries.  Her unique sense of curiosity and dedication to looking to the future have helped her excel in her role as an advocate and liaison between government agencies and the Ports of International Trade.  Jodi is a member of numerous Trade and Supply Chain Organizations, and since moving to Florida in 2003, sat on the board of the “Sex and the City, Jax” , a women’s networking, and fundraising group.  Jodi’s uses her energy and passion to help with fundraising activities and awareness for charities such as Shark Angels, Progeria research Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Boston and the JDRF.


 Alisa Schwartz
Social Media Coordinator

Alisa is our social media guru. If you ever need to find out anything about what is going on in the world about sharks and the oceans, Alisa will know. She manages our Twitter account and stays on top of all current events.