The Board

Angels around the world are working together to bring about change. A non-profit in both the US and France, the following individuals run the organization.

Julie Andersen

Julie Andersen

Few people leave successful careers to pursue a passion for the planet. A creative visionary, marketer and lifelong entrepreneur, Julie has channeled over 15 years of advertising, strategy, media and organizational experience running her own multi-million dollar business and managing dozens of employees into a new quest: building environmental awareness and fueling change. Julie is a social media and marketing expert, having founded and run three successful, global NGOs - Shark Angels, United Conservationists and Shark Savers - and consulting to countless others including Sea Shepherd, PEW and WildAid during the past five years. Julie focuses on developing advocacy through innovative outreach, education, social media, and interactive campaigns. Julie leverages her foundational business, marketing, film and development expertise to inspire planetary preservation while bringing a unique perspective and deep commercial capabilities to social causes.

Jamie Pollack

Jamie Pollack
Executive Director

Jamie Pollack loves to be underwater and go scuba diving with sharks. She has been diving for more than 25 years, logging tons of hours in the water with many different species and in many different habitats. She has dove with countless species of sharks worldwide gaining valuable knowledge and experience about their behaviors and their unique traits and therefore was featured on "Shark Junkies" as a shark expert on ABC News Nightline, which aired on Jan 18, 2014.

She has seen great whites in Guadalupe and South Africa, oceanic white tips and silkies in Cat Island, great hammerheads and bull sharks in Bimini, schooling hammers in Cocos Island, nurse sharks in the Caribbean, whale sharks in Cancun, Galapagos sharks in Galapagos, woebegone sharks in Australia, sand tigers in North Carolina, reef sharks in Nassau Bahamas, bull sharks and zebra sharks in Fiji.

Her love of sharks led her to Shark Angels, a non profit organization dedicated to saving sharks. Shark Angels uses innovative education, advocacy programs, and social media campaigns to protect sharks. She is a results-driven action oriented individual who wants to create change. Using her advertising and marketing background, she creates new and innovative ways to spread the mission to new audiences about taking action to save sharks.

Jamie believes strongly in education. She travels all over speaking to students either in person or via Skye in the Classroom giving her custom designed presentations to educate kids worldwide about the importance of sharks. Inspiring young adults to create change is one of the things she loves to do. Via Skype, she was even able to talk to some students in Russia. She has given presentations about why sharks are so important, current issues facing sharks today, the economics of a live shark vs a dead one, to chum or not to chum, why sharks are so cool and what we can do to help them, to students in Toronto, Phoenix, Malibu, Tampa, the UK and France. She has also spoken to lots of other adult groups.

The other thing that she loves to do is to show other divers how cool and amazing sharks are.
So she leads dive trips so these divers can experience first hand what it’s like to dive with sharks. She hopes that these encounters will inspire them to save and protect these misinterpreted animals. While in these destinations, they also attend the local school and talk to kids about their sharks and why they need to protect them.

For the past 9 years, she has also been working as an outreach field consultant for a large non profit on various campaigns to protect our nations fisheries. Campaigns range from forage fish to blue fin tuna. She wrote an article on Menhaden, the most important fish in the sea, for Alert Diver which ran in August 2017. She has cultivated a coalition of over 500 supporters including key stakeholders, environmental groups, fishermen, divers, restaurants, chefs, politicians, and scientists to participate and take action in advocacy campaigns. She works at the state and federal level advocating for laws on sustainable fish management. She has also lobbied for bills in Congress.

Jamie's background is in advertising and marketing. She has worked as a graphic designer for some of the larger advertising agencies in Manhattan. She has 20 years of experience building brands and creating marketing strategies. Her clients range from the banking industry to the retail sector. She designs and develops marketing campaigns producing targeted, functional and brand specific websites, online media, print and marketing collateral materials, direct mail, corporate identity and advertising. Using her skills as a graphic designer, she has created lots of printed and online materials for Shark Angels.

She has turned her passions of scuba diving, sharks, conservation and advertising into a career and was written up in Money Magazine, June 2010.

Jamie has a very interesting background of skills and interests: scuba diving, sharks, advertising & marketing, social media,  graphic design, advocacy, outreach, lobbying, & fitness. 

Ever since Jamie got her scuba certification, she has gained an appreciation and a love for the ocean. Her passion for the sea has only increased with each diving adventure. Jamie loves meeting new people and speaking about conservation to anyone who will listen.

Paul Wildman

Paul Wildman
Director of Media

Paul Wildman is a award winning filmmaker who is trained as a cinematographer, classical artist, and graphic designer. Combining a broad range of shooting, editing, animation, photography, new media, technology and drawing skills, he is in a unique position – able to deliver high quality visual efforts while bringing innovative approaches to his work - online, on screen and offline. With over 13 years filming, editing and field producing commercial advertising, films, television, and independent projects, he has worn many different hats and has a wealth of experience from which to draw upon – for any type of production. Paul is also heavily committed to the environment, donating thousands of hours to support non-profits. Paul currently serves as the chief designer and brand expert, and is responsible for all film and creative efforts, for Shark Angels, United Conservationists and Fin Free, Diver's Alert Network and previously for Shark Savers and Sea Shepherd.