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Built By Wildman 

With a special passion for the planet, Built By Wildman is particularly motivated to create media that inspires, fuels dialogue, and even encourages action towards change. Built By Wildman has over thirty years of combined commercial experience developing and producing innovative campaigns that employ all forms of media: social, interactive, viral, video and print. Together, with our clients’ vision, we bring commercial capabilities and sophistication to an often non-profit world, creating video, digital and offline experiences that capture the imagination and drives change. Working for clients that include National Geographic, Sea Shepherd, Discovery, Save Our Seas, WildAid, PEW Environmental Trust and now, United Conservationists, our projects, heavily focused on inspiring social or environmental responsibility and are fueled by evolutions in filmmaking, multi-channel media, and production.


Our luxury plush toys are handcrafted with materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Each piece is filled with material made from 100% recycled water bottles and are designed, sourced and created entirely in the USA. Organic Tee Shirts are screen printed by hand with water or soy-based inks. Inspired by children, our designs and products are made with the intent to please, educate and entertain. Indy Plush proudly donates 15% of all profits from the sales of our Shark Collection to Shark Angels. Indy Plush...saving the world one doll at a time.


Sharkwater is a highly compelling effort to expose to the world, the devastating malice and greed of humans towards sharks. Which as a result are facing extinction. Through this amazingly fascinating and award winning documentary, Sharkwater, by filmmaker Rob Stewart, with the allied forces of shark conservationists, hopes to change the negative perception of sharks and preserve their lives from the dangerously corruptive hands of those that inflict slaughter upon them and exploit their existence. The purpose of Sharkwater is to inform and preserve our precious sharks from the deleterious effects of the contributing malice and greed of the multi-billion dollar industry of finning.

Ocean Geographic Society is an online publication formed by an allegiance of immensely passionate, talented and world-renowned individuals whose sole endeavor is to invoke compassion for sentient beings the world over. Through harmonious modes of visually captivating portfolios of fine art, exclusive photographic images and heart felt impassioned essays that encourage a stronger appreciation for the tender state of our oceans; the Ocean Geographic Society promotes awareness and sentiment through their methodology.  With a focus on the paramount influence of conservation, sea science, natural history research and stories of expeditions, the Ocean Geographic Society emphasizes promotion of appreciation for the oceans life force and the latest scientific research geared towards greater conservation efforts.

Worldwide Dive and Sail, owned by Frank Van Der Linde, Mark Shandur, Steve Wessel and Brett Robertson, specializes in a myriad of luxury sea excursions consisting of sailing, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, wake boarding and water skiing. Led by an experienced team of international divers and travel experts, Worldwide Dive and Sail seeks to provide a hands on approach to facilitating the desires of sea voyeurs. With destinations including Southeast Asia, Thailand, the Maldives, Indonesia and the Philippines, Worldwide Dive and Sail will provide the tropical sea adventure of a lifetime.

Blue Wilderness is a unique underwater filming logistics and expedition company.  Led by Mark Addison’s amazing expertise in documenting the natural history of sea life with an emphasis on shark diving throughout South Africa. Addison implements his incredible photography and filming talents to showcase to the world the beauty of these creatures while providing impressive underwater images to internationally recognized print and media sources. Blue Wilderness specializes in shark diving expeditions in the warm waters of one of South Africa’s newly proclaimed protected marine areas, the Aliwal Shoal, which is home to South Africa’s first Shark Park. Expeditions consist of a 5 day experience alongside the Blue Wilderness team, to commune cage free with various shark species including but not limited to Tiger, Blacktip, Zambezi, and Duskies. With an all-encompassing support group of scientists, coastal informers and coastal aviators, Blue Wilderness remains a pioneering platform of documenting amazing ocean sightings, therefore capturing historical events in the making.


United Conservationists is a revolutionary non-profit organization that strives to educate and encourage the protection of our eco-system with an emphasis on the preservation of our planet, wildlife and human survival. UC combines a strategic approach by introducing tangible action plans, thereby incorporating their keen knowledge into the mainstream to promote the advocacy of our environment. Highly accredited by the phenomenal success of the movie Sharkwater, UC has propelled forth, aiming to create awareness through a myriad of tools such as online communities, informing the youth, and empowering individuals striving to create a more peaceful future for our world.

333 Productions
333 Productions is a wildlife media production company specializing in underwater filming and video productions capturing a closer look at sharks in their sheer and natural habitat with a heavy emphasis on their conservation. Founded by president Joe Romeiro and co-founder Bill Fisher in 2006, 333 productions works alongside marine biologists and fellow shark researchers to document on film the amazing magnetism of these highly misunderstood creatures. 333 productions is one of the few stock film companies to have shark exploitation on film which is shown for shark conservation purposes to raise awareness of the travesty of finning and fishing. Educating the public is a major priority in which underwater video expeditions are organized including annual seminars carried out to advocate the importance of preserving sharks. 333 Productions are based out of Rhode Island and Chicago, U.S.A.

Project Still Water Jewelry gives you an opportunity to participate in ocean conservation, by donating a portion of all sales of unique handmade pieces, created out of love for the underwater realms, to select charities and organizations focused on education and research. Look good, feel good, do good!


A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works LLC, award winning underwater imagery and design, sharing the beauty hidden below the waves. We are dedicated to increasing awareness and involvement in conservation efforts to protect our underwater world.