Jamie Pollack


Hails from: Washington DC, USA
Currently lives in: New York, NY USA
Favorite Place: Palau, Africa, underwater
Favorite Things to Do: Scuba diving, reading, boxing, working out at the gym, eating good dark chocolate
Favorite Shark: White Shark

What shark are you most like and why?
White Shark - Powerful, fearless and nobody messes with them!

If you could tell people one thing about about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?
Sharks are one of the coolest and smartest animals on the planet. They are not the senseless eating machines people think they are or are portrayed by the media.

Sharks are powerful and beautiful. And once you see them for yourself in the wild you will respect them for who they are..

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Website: Jamielynncreative.com
Facebook: Jamie Pollack
Twitter: scubachickjamie

Short Bio:

Jamie's background is in advertising, client management and graphic design. For twenty years, she worked in the business world, gaining valuable experience building brands and creating marketing strategies for her clients. She designed and developed 360 degree marketing campaigns producing targeted, functional and brand specific websites, online media, print and marketing collateral materials, direct mail, corporate identity and advertising. Her clients included banking, insurance, cable & telecomm, real estate, health, travel, luxury, retail and conservation.


When the 2008 recession hit the advertising world, she decided to pursue another path. She was written up in Money Magazine where she turned her passion into an asset leaving the corporate world for marine conservation. She helped co-found Shark Savers and is currently on the board of Shark Angels and is the Managing Director. She oversees all operations of Shark Angels including the online store. She designed and coordinated the Shark Angels 2013 calendar. Her idea in creating this calendar was to inspire people to become more educated and involved in the movement to save our sharks (and in doing so, save our oceans). It is currently being sold in aquariums and in dive shops across the country. 


She was a featured speaker on ABC News NIghtline on "Shark Junkies" as the voice of sharks.

Since 2009, she has been working on ending overfishing in the Mid-Atlantic. She serves as the New York field representative for a large non profit organization on the federal reform fisheries policy where she coordinates with community and business leaders to advance environmental change. She meets with members of Congress to discuss the implementation of fishery management law. Some of her campaigns have been rebuild Menhaden, protect bluefin tuna, The Coastal Jobs Creation Act and The Fisheries Reform and Investment Act. She participates in outreach activities in the community working with fishing groups, kids, captains of charter boats, fishermen, coastal businesses and other NGO's building networks, spreading awareness, tabling and giving presentations to local schools, clubs and businesses regarding the status of fisheries and fishery policy and the plight of sharks worldwide.

Jamie's love of the oceans started when she learned to scuba dive 15 years ago. She travels all over the world to see and experience the beauty of the undersea world. She has been to Guadalupe, Cocos and the Galapagos Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, South Africa, to see schooling hammerheads, white tips, white sharks, oceanics and silky sharks, and developed a great appreciation for them. She now uses this expertise to further her commitment to the oceans.