Amanda Cotton

Amanda Cotton

Hails from: Los Angeles, CA United States
Currently lives in: Florida, United States
Favorite Place: Malapascua, Philippines
Favorite Things to Do: shark diving, photography, exploring the world, teaching children about sharks
Favorite Shark: Thresher Shark.

What shark are you most like and why?
I think I’m probably most like a thresher shark.  They travel hundreds of miles in search of new things, are solitary, are very cautious of their surroundings and are usually shy.  They are mellow most of the time, but they can jump into action instantly when the need arises.

If you could tell people one thing about about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?
I work quite a bit with children, teaching them about sharks and the most important point I try to instill in them is that so much of what we are led to believe about sharks, from the time we are very small, is completely inaccurate and is usually taught to us by people who have never even seen a shark in person. I tell them not to fear sharks, but instead must be respectful of them and their home, the oceans.  Everyone should know that even simple choices they make everyday can have a positive impact toward protecting and preserving the ocean and all of it’s inhabitants, including sharks.

I’ve been fascinated with sharks since I was a very young girl.  At four years of age, sitting in front of my parent’s television set, watching divers in cages in the water with great whites, I am told by my parents that I turned around and said, “I want to do that when I grow up.”  I have been obsessed with sharks ever since.

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Short Bio:
"Photographer, Writer, Ocean Advocate"

Amanda Cotton, Professional Photographer specializing in underwater imagery. As an avid scuba diver and ocean enthusiast, Amanda’s goal is to help the general public embrace the beauty below the waves, in hopes that with awareness comes concern. The conservation and preservation of this ecosystem is of the highest priority to Amanda.  While she enjoys owning and operating a conservation-minded design/media company, A COTTON PHOTO Creative Works LLC, Amanda takes great pride in working with like-minded organizations that genuinely care about the planet and its inhabitants, both above and below the waves.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography while attending Brooks Institute of Photography, where she participated in the highly acclaimed Underseas Program established by Ernie Brooks.  Amanda currently works as a correspondent and field editor for Ocean Geographic magazine covering environmental and marine conservation issues. She is also quite honored to have been the recipient of many awards including several from the International Photographers Awards (IPA), Celebrate The Sea, Underwater Photography Annual Awards, and many others.

Amanda’s imagery has been published in major publications and news sources worldwide including National Geographic, Discovery, Times Publishing, CNN, Natural History Magazine, Earthweek, and Science Daily; as well as many international dive industry advertising campaigns. Working with organizations such as Scholastic Books, The Conservation Fund, Consortium For Ocean Leadership, Women Diver’s Hall of Fame, Marine Life Protection Act, and Rourke Publishing has allowed her imagery to have a positive impact on the oceans through education and outreach programs designed to improve awareness toward the plight the oceans now face.