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We are the next generation of shark conservationists, working independently and as a network of angels to bring about change. We employ a variety of different conservation approaches – and at the core, we have a few fundamental things in common.

  • We're all about sharks and the environment; we respect them, and want to help them survive.
  • We inspire people, allowing them to understand the importance of sharks and give them a path to get involved locally - supporting the global mission.
  • We are about being good – not looking good. Our motives are pure and transparent.
  • We are kick-starting a movement based upon our endless passion to save sharks.
  • We are powered by our important mission and we stay away from politics and egos. We also believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration.
  • We're hip, fresh, positive! We are a new breed of conservationists that are making it cool to care about the environment – and the oceans.
  • Like the sharks, we are intelligent, strong, and bold. We possess limitless courage and tireless passion, and, most importantly, are all about action and bringing about change.

Does that describe you too? We are looking for committed, capable and passionate Shark Angels and Cherubs to join the movement around the world.

As a Shark Angel, you are a very special guardian to sharks. Shark Angels that have earned their wings are protecting sharks, doing what they can to ensure their survival.

Often, angels are involved in shark conservation – either as a passion or even a career - in the area of scientific research, direct action, grassroots activism, lobbying & legislation, outreach (including shark diving), education or awareness. But anyone who cares about sharks and the issues facing them, the oceans, or the planet in general can become an angel.

Ready to become a full-fledged Shark Angel and earn your wings?

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