Change Your Perspective
Shark Sneak Attack!

Sexy time interrupted by a shark in your bathtub? Get ready… It’s happening in a bathroom near you. And learn 1) sharks aren’t what they seem, 2) sharks are desperate to hide from those hunting them into extinction 2) they can peacefully share the (bath) waters together – albeit killing the mood.

Special thanks to Alain Aguilar & Joe Whelski Productions for helping us get the message out in such a fun and viral way. This is their brainchild and they completely created and produced the video - we appreciate them including Shark Angels in the message!

Save sharks. Stop finning. Join Shark Angels ( TODAY. Or a shark just might end up in your tub too…

An Alain Aguilar & Joe Whelski Production
Directed by Joe Whelski
Written by Nick Goodey & Joe Whelski
Executive Producers: Nick Goodey & Joe Whelski
Associate Producers: Amy Scanlon & Natalie Frost
Filmed by Alain Aguilar
Shark Costume by: Cheryl Mccarron
Sound/Crew: Steve V. Peralta

Shark: Natalie Frost
Woman: Megan Hughes
Man: Adam Rini
Editor: Matt Hartman
Music: Andy Mendelson
Mixer: Lee Salevan
Color Correct: Phillip Choe

Nature's Heros - The Shark Angels

See Shark Angel Julie in action and hear her story!

Les Heroes De La Nature Vu Du Ceil - Famous conservationist and award-winning filmmaker Yann Arthus Bertrand is moved by the Shark Angels' mission and features them on his very popular show. We adored working with his team!

Shark Cherub Ella Swims with Sharks!

Ella proves anyone can swim with sharks! See her swim with the sharks of Shark Park in Aliwal Shoal, South Africa with her mom and dad, both Shark Angels as well. Mark and Gail Addison are giving sharks a chance, with their business Blue Wilderness.

We can learn a lot from our Shark Cherubs!

Should Shark Fin Be Banned?

Shark Angel Julie speaks out. Live panel discussion on Goldhawk about the issues facing sharks and why we fought so hard in Toronto to make it Fin Free. Up next? Canada. And the world...

I pledge not to eat shark fin soup ... Join me - CANTONESE

The surging demand for shark fin soup is the primary cause of the sharks’ demise. Built By Wildman believes the best way to impact demand is by empowering regional campaigns within communities where consumption is the highest. Hear the personal stories of 28 individuals in Hong Kong who have decided not to consume shark fin soup and are inspiring others to do the same - in their native tongue.

In addition to bringing the sophistication and techniques from commercial advertising and filmmaking to the table, we also took a completely different approach to the campaign – enabling passionate individuals around Hong Kong to share their reasons for giving up shark fin soup, in their native tongue. It is our hope through these poignant, authentic stories – told by people from all walks of life, age and profession – they will inspire others to do the same. 

Built By Wildman not only created, developed, directed, shot and produced the films – and other media – in both Cantonese and English, but we also developed the campaign itself for Shark Savers who is launching it in Hong Kong. 

Special thanks go to Aaron Jaffe who composed the pieces for the cause and Shawn Heinrichs, who donated some beautiful shark shots and also the heart-wrenching finned baby nurse shark.

This is the first in an innovative series of multi-lingual films, PSAs, websites, printed materials, and billboards in communities in which shark fin soup consumption is high. Learn more about the campaign at